Monday, February 1, 2016

29 Faces Art Challenge

This year I decided to take the challenge by Ayla Art in the month of February everyday I will draw a face.

face #1 5.5x6inches acrylic 


  1. Welcome to the challenge! Perfect start!
    Don't forget to add your tag/label, so all your posts show together (you only need to add the link once) :oD

  2. I love this portrait! Beautiful piece indeed! xdebi

  3. I like this painting, and Your strong mode.

  4. Oh, she looks just like my best friend when I was a teen, stunning!

  5. Lovely strong colours, especially love her hair xx

  6. Nicely done...the colors, and the backdrop is stunning too!

  7. hello Bridget,
    each of your faces are quite lovely.

    I want to let you know that i clicked on your link from 29 faces and it takes me to your blog, but not to any of your posts. I think it is because you wrote: 29artfaces
    not 29faces
    so if you want your link to take us to your faces you will have to tag each post with your original: 29artfaces
    i am pretty sure that will do it. Hope that helps.