Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My First Real Painting

My daughter really wanted me to paint a mermaid . I thought I can do that . Well I started last summer ,got stuck then look at it until today. I thought what the heck  I can always start over. lol I am very happy with this painting ,Not perfect but who is . I hope you enjoy . It is 16x20 on canvas board done in acrylics

29 faces

Been awhile but here are more faces. I will not get all 29 done before the end of the month. I will get all my faces finish it just will take me a little longer .
Here is #7
Sketch with Stabilio black pencil activated with water ,mixed skin tone the way  Mystele does using unbleached titanium , white, paynes gray acrylic.

Face #8
I used turquoise under painting on face then used only 1 flesh tone  Acrylic 

Face #9 

Saturday, February 6, 2016