Friday, October 18, 2013

CKC Challenge #3

This challenge is all about grids.  I started to do a monthly layout for my grandson , I pick one moment in the month and scrap it with journaling. I decided to do it based loosely on project life . So I bought packet pages and got started. But from the beginning I knew I wanted full layout too. So I do every other page  pocket then full page. Best of both worlds. Until you want a full layout so I decided to make a full layout then cut the page apart to fit the pocket page. By having guidelines I have  no problem cutting .

I wasn't sure if I could use a pocket page for the grid challenge so I made a full page layout and then cut it apart .
 My inspiration:

credit to

My version : 

Now cut for pocket page:


  1. I love what you did with these - very nice! (who knows? you may inspire me to get restarted!)

  2. I hope so. I love to scrapbook with my friend again

  3. Ooooh , I really like how these turned out.Clever work!