Saturday, September 28, 2013

First Full Journal Page

Yes it has been a long month didn't get to craft much at ALL!
But yesterday one of the artist (Willowing) I follow shared a little bit of what she is struggling with. Then gave her answers that were helping her cope. I heard the message.  Dede (Inkwell) on her upstream showed us what mind mapping is and how it can help you get your creative juices flowing . I will be using this method (because I struggle with not knowing what to draw) .That saying I don't know what to draw (create ) is not an excuse (Or at least not a good one). So I bought my first cranson xl multi media book O yeah. I can not let fear stop me .I know that I am not good and need a lot of practice. Not just watch but also do . There is so much out there if you just take the risk .So I am sharing my first journal page, the forth girl I have ever drawn. So go easy .

Yes I see she is crooked LOL

I used acrylic paints and gelatos(first time using them) in the background  and colored the face with pencils.
also I follow kat and Mystele . Please check them out I have learn so much from them(Not the crooked face method).


  1. I thought I commented on this but anyway I really like this. Is she really crooked? I think it is perfect :D

  2. Thank you Melanie yes she is, her mouth and nose don't line up. lol