Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lindy Stamp Gang Color Challenge

I have to say before Lindy's Samp GangI only had two sprays mist pearl and gold . Then I tried to make my own mist sprays very messy. I saw Lindy's and loved the color and two tone shimmer now I have 15 sprays. Yes I need more, because I  have been playing with my two magicals ,simple joy.

This  canvas is made from all recycled items . Box for Ikea, paper from tuesday morning (what the wrap glass wear with). This will hang on the wall. Measures 14 by 14 .

The product from Lindy's Stamp Gang :

Starburst yellow rose of texas

Magical Tiffanys Blue

Magical Rambling Rose PInk


  1. Beautiful card Bridget! Thanks for playing along with us at Lindy's Stamp Gang!

    Jessica Griffin

    1. thank you a canvas to hang on the wall Lol

    2. IT IS!! It's gorgeous, it would be a beautiful card as well! Shows you how well I read. :(