Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Old and new friends who inspire me

This is my very first mixed media project. I have always loved see works of art of people's insights. I find it hard sometimes to share my thoughts ,so I will try and put my feelings in pictures also. I love ustream and have learned so much from the different broadcasts. Since Christmas I have watched Dede's "Coffee in the morning". She is very funny and shares everything she know about collage and drawing, freely. One of her favorite sayings is "get over yourself" "just do it" and so I am. I also watch Barb Owen's "creating_faces" and she has great stories while she teaches her mixed media art works. Her saying is " be fearless" . I put both messages together and put it on canvas to hang in my craft room as a reminder.Thank you to both for sharing and encouraging so many people. 

My friend Trish Evard Daly took the Instagram picture of a sunflower that makes me so happy just to look at it. I used it for my mixed media project .I am also working on a collage of this picture,I will share when done so for now feast your eyes on this

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